Do u know how many medical-grade plastic films are used in india?

  • June 14, 2021 at 09:01pm
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You will be shocked to know. Four years ago in 2017 Innowave made a survey selecting 30 Innowave Freedom PACS users to estimate film usage. The purpose was to understand how we can reduce the usage of Films that is a financial burden on the radiology department and environmental hazard as they are single-use plastic. Please find below the average film usage in the 30 Freedom PPACS audited. It was shocking for us to know that our average PACS user is spending almost Rs 50,00,000/- per year on medical films and generate almost 70,000 plastic films that are going to stay in the environment for many years. Almost 100% of the medical imaging films are imported. Customers using PACS almost always use Digital images on the workstation for Diagnosis and reporting. The films are mostly as a record provided to the patent to be shared with referring physician. Most of them will never be seen by a physician again and will ultimately land in dustbins after patients storing them for several months to several years. The Films are printing using a thermal process and degrade rapidly when left in hot spaces like left in the car etc. However, don’t decompose in soil for 100 years. With more economical and environmentally friendly and patient-friendly alternatives already available the use of films may be driven by some reasons other than clinical needs, we will refrain from talking about this controversial topic. Once this was expose to us the Innowave team analysed alternatives and built features in the Freedom NANO PACS that will make the use of films completely redundant and each of the 150+ Freedom Nano PACS installed by Innowave was equipped to the features to eliminate Film Use year provide better communication of the clinical information than the hardcopy Films. These Solutions are:- 1. Distribution of Digital Images to the point of care using a” Zero Foot Print” viewer that can be used to view high-resolution Digital Medical images on almost any device on LAN or Internet including PC tablets and Mobile Phones etc. 2. Provide Digital-PDF films that can be shared offline through email what sup or any chat services. exchanged shared and viewed any number of time without degradation. 3. Paper printing solution instead of films that is cheaper and less damaging to the environment. Some of our customers are using this option to its full potential saving millions of rupees every year and saving the environment but many are not. Our estimate the 150 Innowave PACS Nano customers alone have the potential to save a whopping 10,000,000 sheets of plastic annually Rs 650,000,000 /-(Amounting to USD 850,000) in money lost Film Companies every year. Today on the 5th of June 2021 on the occasion of world environment day we Promise to our customers and anyone else who wants to save our environment from Single-use Plastic to cut or eliminate the use of medical films.


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